Question:   How do I become a member of the Jacksonville Chapter?
Answer:   Becoming a member of the Alumni Chapter is easy. You may visit our website at and submit your membership profile and payment online. You may also pay them in person at one of our monthly meetings or signature events.
Question:   Who can become a member of the Jacksonville Chapter?
Answer:   All alumni of SSC/SSU are eligible to become a member of the Jacksonville Chapter. Additionally, parents, family members or friends of Tigers alumni are able to become associate members.
Question:   Why should I choose the Jacksonville Chapter vs another Chapter operating in my southeast area?
Answer:   What's most important is to become a member! Each chapter of the SSUAA has specific goals to continue to support the University through various mechanisms and to be a source for SSU alumni to continue their support of one another. However, the Jacksonville Chapter may offer some programs, committees, and events that are specific to our chapter.
Question:   What are the benefits of membership?
Answer:   Some of the benefits of memberships include discounts to  Jacksonville Chapter events, discounts on products offered by the Chapter (games, food, fundraisers, tickets of various events, etc.), camaraderie with other SSU alumni, an organized avenue to support the University, and much, much more!
Question:   How much are membership dues?
Answer:   Membership dues: 
Regular (Annual)
A regular membership is available on a year-to-year basis. Regular membership dues of $70.00 per year are payable to the SSU National Alumni Association by June 30 for the year beginning July 1.

Basic Life
Basic life membership is $500.00, which may be paid in full or in three installments. As a fully paid member, you will receive a life membership card, a life membership plaque and a lapel pin.

Prestigious Life
Prestigious life membership is $750.00, which may be paid in full, or in three installments if a first-time life member.

Diamond Life
Diamond life membership is $1,00.00, which may be paid in full, or in three installments if a first-time life member.

A one-year membership is given to each graduating senior compliments of SSUNAA.

An associate membership is available for friends of Savannah State University (adults with a genuine interest in the development and progress of SSU) on an annual basis. Associate membership dues of $50.00 per year are payable to the SSU National Alumni Association by June 30 for the year beginning July 1.

Any person having made a significant contribution to Savannah State University and not a regular or associate member may be selected as an honorary member upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.

NOTE: You can pay local and national memberships dues through the Jacksonville Chapter.  If you wish to pay your national dues directly to the national association, make check payable to " SSUNAA" . Send to National Treasurer: Ms. Lisa Earls  POB 55281 Atlanta, Ga. 30308-5281
Question:   What is required of me if I become a member?
Answer:   While we’d love for every member to become active and participate in as many events as possible, we understand the demands that each individual has. Therefore, at the most granular level, membership only requires payment of dues. However, we encourage each member to participate in our meetings, support the Jax Chapter by attending events and spreading the word, and more importantly, get involved with a committee to help make a difference.
Question:   How many members does the Jacksonville Chapter have?
Answer:   The Jacksonville Chapter has  26 members (as of August 1, 2010).
Question:   How can I become more involved as a member?
Answer:   There are several different opportunities to participate in activities that the Chapter has. Committees include Fundraising, Scholarship, Membership drive (all members) and Publicity (all members). Each of these committees is always seeking additional support from our membership body and we can use you! Please contact the respective chairs if you are interested in joining a committee.
Question:   How long are my membership dues effective?
Answer:   Membership dues are effective for one calendar year which starts effectively July 1st.
Question:   I just graduated. How much are my dues?
Answer:   The National dues are free for the first year. Therefore only the local portion is required to become active in the local chapter ($30).
Question:   How are membership dues utilized by the chapter?
Answer:   Membership dues are used in many different ways. These include fundraising activities to generate scholarship dollars, support the marching band students and some athletic teams, answer request from Jacksonville students facing a financial crisis, put on membership events for the Chapter, and much, much, more.
Question:   When and where are the Meetings usually held?
Answer:   Our monthly General Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The meetings are held at Attorney Willie Walker's Law Office (Suite #3)  at  625 Union St W. Jacksonville, FL 32202  (904) 358-7104

Get directions

The office is conveniently located downtown by Interstate 95.  Sometimes, we have ""off-site"" meetings but we try to give ample communication before doing so.