A young vibrant chapter fully committed to uplifting the legacy of SSU to another level! 

Our Chapter President  -  Ms Huriyah Gordan 99'
             Vice President  -  Mrs Lakeshia (Smith) Jones 01'
Huriyah Gordan C/O 99'
Huriyah Gordan C/O 99'
Local Chapter President
SSU Class of  1999
Major: BS, Criminal Justice
Hometown: Savannah, Ga
Member since 2008
A member because: I enjoy fellowshipping with fellow Alumnis and friends. I received an excellent education from SSU and providing any assistance to my beloved alma mater makes me proud!  Although I've been in Jacksonville a short time (3 years), joining the Jacksonville Chapter has afforded me the opportunity to catch up on the lastest and greatest matters concerning SSU.  Lastly, after seeing the thousands of college alumni tags (BCC, FAMU, UF, JU, FL ST, UNF, EWC, etc) in Jacksonville, I wanted to represent Savannah State Univiersity as well!!!!! 

Email: mymykelly@hotmail.com
Lakeshia (Smith) Jones C/O 01'
Lakeshia (Smith) Jones C/O 01'
Local Vice President
SSU Class of 2001
Major: BS, Biology
Hometown: Every Where (Military Brat, resided in IL, GA, FL, MD, CA)
Member since 2002
A member because: I love my Alma Mater and I enjoy helping out in any way that I can.  Becoming a member has allowed me to reconnect with some old friends that I lost touch with after graduating, as well as getting to know other SSU grads who paved the way for me before my time at the University.  Both my parents are SSU (SSC) grads and members of SSUNAA so the legacy continues.  I am also here to help recruit young men and women of today to become a part of the Mighty Orange and Blue Family!
email: navyakatude@yahoo.com
Tameiko Allen-Grant  C/O 99'
Tameiko Allen-Grant C/O 99'

Past Chapter President
SSU Class of  1999
Major: Criminal Justice, B.S.
Hometown: Macon, Georgia
Member since 2003
A member because: Savannah State University will always hold a special place in my life because it has provided the foundation for everything that I have done in my professional life. I learned not only academic skills, but life skills at SSU that have shaped me into the person that I am today. I became a member of my local chapter because I want to do whatever I can to enhance the future of the institution as much as it has enhanced my life. I want as many people to know that attending and graduating from Savannah State University was one of the best decision I have ever made!