Past Jacksonville Chapter Presidents:
1st  William "Bill" Osborne  70' 
2nd  Edith Tansley-Rogers 72'
3rd  George Quarterman 77' (picture below)
4th  Willie Walker 81'  (picture below)
5th  Kim Lundy 00' (picture below)
6th  Tourea Robinson 97' (picture below)
7th  Tameiko Allen-Grant 99' (picture below)
George Quarterman C/O 77'
George Quarterman C/O 77'
George Quarterman 77'
Attorney Willie Walker C/O 81'
Attorney Willie Walker C/O 81'
Willie Walker 81'
Kim Lundy C/O 00'
Kim Lundy C/O 00'
Kim Lundy 00'
Tourea Robinson C/O 97'
Tourea Robinson C/O 97'
Tourea Robinson 97'
Tameiko Allen-Grant 99'
Tameiko Allen-Grant 99'


SSC/SSU Jacksonville Chapter was offically started 13 November 1982.   The chapter held a banquet for the special accomplishment.  Here are the Jacksonville chapter members, honored graduates, family and friends who came down to Jacksonville to help celebrate the milestone:

William "Bill" Osborne* 70'          Latonya L. Osborne
Reginald Van Osborne                    Edith T. Rogers 72'        
Charles Tanksley                               Janine Tanksley
Mary Whipple 67'                              Willie Ann Mays 72'
Richardine Whitefield                    James Allen McDuffie
Richard Hicks 70'                              Annette Bunch Mosley
Allegra Mosley                                    Benny Moore
Claira Thomas Moore                      Dianna G. Johnson 71'
Jessica D. Johnson                            Jocelyn D. Johnson
Jareida D. Johnson                           Jesse Johnson
Vaughn Ford 68'                                 George Quarterman 77'
Qwen Small Hunt                               Vaughnstavis G. Harris
Dr. Carlton H. Morse 46'                  Roy L. Jackson 71'
Rev. Neil Mosley 76'                           Debra Ryan Keels
Kirsten Tania Keels                           James Reels
Carol Singleton 72'                             Pearl Valle
George  Heyward 71'                         Beverlyn Heyward 71'
Constance McClain 72'                     Alvin M. McClain
Gary Simmons Sr.                              Gary Simmons Jr.
Tamethea S. Simmons                     Sandra Simmons
Christopher H. Simmons                William H. Sealvgok

* Founding Chapter President